Manpower & Recruitment Services

RW provides consultancy service with a number of highly skilled experienced personnel to perform the work in accordance with generally accepted perfect oil field practices and as required by companies’ safety rules & regulations to promote the purpose of work requested. RW maintains a huge number of supplying different employment to cover various branches in the Oil Field

Small Business

You may be new to payroll management and compliance but have a small team to pay and records to keep. Payroll outsourcing enables small business owners to get on with building their businesses without compliance worries.

Medium Business

You may have an accounts and HR person with some or all of the required payroll knowledge. Payroll outsourcing means you won't have to maintain and manage payroll full time. This will enable your staff to concentrate on their other important responsibilities

Large Business

You have a payroll department that deals with large amounts of staff and employee data. Large businesses benefit from the efficiency and cost savingsof payroll outsourcing. Use us as a payroll bureau and processing hub via our HR solutions.

HR Solutions

Increase organization and efficiency with payroll outsourcing and accurate employee data management systems. Use HR solutions that manage payroll data and employee records that intuitively sync with your payroll systems. Increaseorganizational efficiency with effective personnel management. Easily input the data needed to administrate and process your payroll through our personnel management HR system. That means you’ll have easy access to up – – to date pay records and reports. Our HR solutions and personnel management systems are easy to use and provide resilient security, accuracy and efficiency.

Our HR solutions include

HR solutions and personnel management features

Manage staff time effectively

The staff diary ensures better management of workforce time with more accurate results. Event scheduling, notes and filing are part of the system that are automatically recalled when due

Control at your finger tips

With the system supervision you have complete control over modules, sub-records, departments, grades, job titles, location, payrolls and data fields. Also available are multi user facilities, back ups and data restoration, local and global system settings, system maintenance utilities and lots more.

Sync your HR data via our payroll service

Your organization's HR data can link and sync with our payroll service making personnel management much simpler and enabling HR teams to have access to pay records with the ability to record and report as appropriate

Useful archiving

Comprehensive archiving facilities enabling year end maintenance and data clean up

Simple data input

A quick, simple and consistent data input system that results in more accuracy

Increased efficiency

You can simplify personnel management. Routine tasks can be made easier and payroll supervisors relieved of time consuming administrative tasks.

More security

Confidential information vital for your organisation and personal to your employees is more secure. A wide range of access restrictions are available

Easy search

The inbuilt search facility means you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

More organization

Record information in one place for easy reference.