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Rig Inspection

Rig Inspection

Our Rig Inspection Services

Rig Ways is a global company whose mission is to provide specialized services to oil and gas production and drilling contractors. The company was established with the objective of providing a comprehensive package of Oil Field NDT, Lifting, Tubular, BHA, pipe line, pressure line, storage tanks, calibration, Explosive atmospheres, training including ,

Rig Ways is providing the following kinds of inspection to Drilling / Work over Rigs and affiliates:

Full package rig inspection (including CAT.4).

To make full inspection to the rig parts / equipment according to :

• API 4F
  Specification for Drilling and Well 
  Servicing Structures.
• API 4G 
  Operation, Inspection, Maintenance, and 
  Repair of Drilling and Well Servicing Structures.
• API 5D 
  Specification for Drill Pipe
• API 7K  
  Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment
• API 7L 
  Procedures for Inspection, Maintenance,
  Repair and Remanufacture of Drilling Equip.
• API 8A 
  Specification for Drilling and 
  Production Hoisting Equipment.
  Recommended Practice for Procedures 
  for Inspections,Maintenance,Repair and
 Remanufacture of Hoisting Equipment. 
• API 8C
  Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment 
  (PSL 1 and PSL 2)
• API 9A
  Specification for Wire Rope
• API RP 7G -2 
  Specification for Control Systems for 
  Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control 
  Systems for Diverter Equipment.
• API spec 7
  Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements

• ASTM E 213
  Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Examination of
  Metal Pipe Tubing.
• ASTEM 317
  Standard Practice for Evaluating Performance 
  Characteristicsof Ultrasonic Pules-Echo Testing 
  Systems Without the Use of Electronic 
  Measurement Instruments.
• ASTM E 570
  Standard Practice for Flux Leakage Examination
 of Ferro Magnetic Steel Tubular Product.
• ASTM E 709
  Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Inspection.
• ASTM E 1316
  Standard Terminology for Non Destructive 
• ASTM E 1324
  Standard Guide for Measuring Some Electronic 
  Characteristics of Ultrasonic Examination 
• ASTM E 1359
  Standard Guide for Evaluating Capabilities of Non 
   Destructive Testing Agencies.
• ASTM E 1065
  Standard Guide for Evaluating Characteristics of 
  Ultrasonic Search Units.
  Hoisting Equipment.
• DS -1™
  TH Hill Standard Drill Stem Design and Inspection.
• EMQSP 6.5
  Company SEA, MPI and Full Body Inspection 
  System Prove-up.


Rig Inspection Parts

1- Crown Block and Water Table
2- Cat line Boom and Hoist Line
3- Drilling Line
4- Monkey board
5- Traveling Block
6- Top Drive
7- Mast
8- Drill Pipe
9- Doghouse
10- Blowout Preventer
11- Water Tank
12- Electric Cable Tray
13- Engine Generator Sets
14- Fuel Tanks
15- Electric Control House
16- Mud Pump
17- Bulk Mud Components Storage
18- Mud Pits
19- Reserve Pits
20- Mud Gas Separator
21- Shale Shaker
22- Choke Manifold
23- Pipe Ramp
24- Pipe Racks
25- Accumulator
26- Annulus
27- Brake Bands
28- Casing Head
29- Cathead
30- Catwalk
31- Cellar
32- Conductor Pipe