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Human Resources Outsourcing Services 


Irrespective of the size of an organization or whether or not there is a human resource department, outsourcing of human resource services proves to be a cost effective alternative. Outsourcing ensures that the professionals are engaged and that risk is spread.

Rig Ways HR is one of the largest human resource outsourcing company in Egypt with a more than 50% market share. The outsourcing process includes handling of the employment, personnel admiration, social security, insurance, policy formation and payroll management.

Reasons to Outsource your HR to Egypt

Reduces cost, focus on your core business and gain valuable market knowledge.

Outsourcing all aspects of the international mobility to our experts allows Managing Directors, International Mobility and HR Managers to focus on their core business.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Rig Ways Egypt

Cost Reduction for your company that is tailored to fit your needs

Dedicated Account Executives

Upkeep with HRM best practices.

A dedicated account executive to handle your account.

Payroll Administration

Payroll Services in Egypt

Rig Ways handles payrolls for its clients irrespective of the number of employees. Everything that includes legislation, computation and taxation is covered here. Rig Ways provides solutions for payment of employees that comply with social security and taxation laws.

Our Payroll services include:

  • Payroll records management in line with Egyptian legislation.
  • Registration and de-registration of employees from social insurance authorities’ records.
  • Monthly or weekly payroll calculations from gross to net salaries by making deductions and additions that emanate from pensions, benefits, allowances, benefits, tax deductions and social security insurance.
  • Advise on matters that affect taxation including those affecting taxable and non- taxable entities of an employee’s salaries.
  • Provision of payslips to employees either electronically or manually.
  • Reports and reconciliation to relevant authorities including filing tax returns, insurance policies and relevant reports to authorities like the labor office.
  • Payment of social insurance and related costs to the local authorities on behalf of clients.